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Mission & Vision

Long Beach Polytechnic High School will support the personal and intellectual success of every LB Poly student, every day.

Every student will be a responsible and productive citizen who possesses the desire and skill for independent learning

Prime:  Shared Valued and Beliefs

According to LB Poly, LBUSD and LBUSD College and Career Readiness Skills, these are the PRIME characteristics of a LB Poly Graduate (above and beyond academic proficiency)

Upon graduation, students will be…

P      Principled

Able to show and understand the roles that integrity and ethical behavior have in the workplace.

R     Reliable

Able to show accountability and responsibility when it comes to fulfilling personal, community and workplace obligations.

I       Intellectual

Able to make informed decisions and solve problems.

M    Marketable

Able to self-promote in the hiring process by demonstrating proficiency in completing job applications, resume writing, portfolio development and interviewing.

E     Equipped

Able to organize and structure work both individually and in teams in order to accomplish specific goals.