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AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander Student Union) To unite an Asian community on campus through service projects and events Ms. Tram
Ability First Partnering with the non profit organization Ability First to help those with special needs and disabilities. Mrs. Jimenez
Art Club Help students improve their art techniques and to try new mediums and styles. New sets of eyes help see things that we cannot notice ourselves and also give students a time a place to practice their art. Mr. Kincaid
Backyard Fruit Club To harvest backyard fruit and donate it to homeless shelter and food banks. Ms. Lawrence
Badminton Club To play badminton Mr. Meckna
Best Buddies create a more inclusive environment for special needs kids while also establishing friendships.. Ms. Schwichtenberg
Black Student Union BSU is an organization that promotes political and cultural awareness. Our union’s goal is to promote a black enriched experience to all racial and ethnic groups. Ms. Adams
Book Bunnies To work with programs like CDC, the boys and girls club, and local libraries to go and read to little kids and show them the benefit of books and reading Ms.Zoble
Botany Club To educate students on the passion of gardening and help LB Poly grow as a greener instution. Mr. Manack
Californians for Justice To help students voice their opinions and fight for educational and racial justice Ms. Martinez
California Scholarship Federation
Community service, college tours, recognizes high achieving students Mr. Gillogly
Chinese Club Enrich and educate young children about the Chinese language and Chinese culture Mr. Zhu
CIC Club To help broaden and bring the class of CIC together Ms. Hess
Couture Club To explore high fashion and it’s roots, allowing students to engage in their passion Ms. Negrete
CRU Club To learn about Jesus and what god has done for us. Ms. Bun 
Cultural Cravings To show people different culturals Mr. Beaulac
Drama Club To promote individuality and self expression through the art of theatre. Ms. Bon
Entrepreneurship Club To raise awareness about financial literacy and money management. Mr. Nyguen
FCA To serve as a place of fellowship and good influence on students. Coach Barbee
FIDM Talk and do activities involving fashion, working with the FIDM college. Ms. Baca
FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early)/ Financial Literacy To help educate high school youths in personal finance and investment. Mr. Nguyen
FLA Promote leadership and college preparedness Ms. Schol
Freshman Senate To raise funds for Class of 2026. Mr Manack
Full Hearts We hold service events 1-2x a month to give back to the community Ms. Beebe
Garden Club Learn about gardening and the benefits as well as how to nurture plants. Mrs. Jimenez
H2M Dance and Have FUN Ms. Negrete
Improv Club Help both new and experienced improvisers learn improv skills. Ms. Bon
Jackrabbit Stargazers To study astrology Mr. Norman
Japanese Club To learn about Japanese Culture and maintain the Poly Japanese Garden Ms. Watson
JROTC To motivate young people to become better citizens. Ms. Nathon and Mr. Hines
Junior Senate to fundraise money for the class of 2024 Mr. Rita
Key Club Community Service-based club, provides students with the opportunity to help others through clean-ups, and renovations! Mr. Kawai
Khmer Club by Khmer Girls in Action To provide a space for students to share and learn about Cambodian identity, culture, history, arts, and much more! Ms. Sawyer
L.E.I.A. Club (Latino Empowerment in Action) Promotes Cultural, Educational, and Social activities from Latin American countries and provides opportunities for intellectual and cultural exchanges. Mr. Llamas
LB Poly Pickleball Club To teach people a new up and coming sport in America. Ms. Schwichtenberg
LB Poly Wresting To help the wrestling team with events and building the community. Mr. Lee
Leo Club A youth organization of the Lions International Club that seeks to promote leadership, opportunity, and experience. Ms. Caldwell
Link Learning Pathway Ambassadors Give back to Long Beach Poly, Leadership skills Ms. Thompson
Long Beach Poly: Sending Others Support To expand our knowledge on international countries by providing support in the form of humanitarian supplies and volunteerism. Mr. Cooperider
Math Team To spread enthusiasm for math in team competitions Ms. Baca
MEDs Club Educate students and staff on MEDS Pathway activities and opportunities. Learn strategies that help and support individuals to become consistent advocates for their Academy and their future profession. Ms. Sawyer
Mental Health Awareness Way to bring awareness to the student body. Mrs. Beebe
Mental Heath Awareness for Student Athletes To address mental health in student athletes Mr. Pluton
Middle Ground To have Civil perspective sharing conversations that may enlighten people. Mrs. Larsen
Mind to Heart We plan to create a safe place for students to share and discuss their mental health, while also making connections and participating in volunteering activities. Mr. Nguyen
Model UN To learn about world issues and grow public speaking skills in a high school simulation of the real United Nations Mr. Gillogly
Music Memories To encourage and help elders moods and cognitive abilities while playing songs. Mr. Terrell
Music Therapy destress/focus and bond w/one another w/ music as the center Ms. Paris and Ms. Coulter
National Honors Society To provide college information and volunteer opportunities. Ms. Lawrence
Newspaper To provide the school with a newspaper and allow students to pursue journalism for fun or for the future Mr. Holmlund
OAFC (orphan assistance fund club) To give back to the community and help assist foster children/orphans in our community Ms. Mercado
Outreach To spread awareness about period poverty, and supply menstrual products to most of the bathrooms at poly Mr. Mikasa
PACE Club Support program and raise money for PACE Mr. Montooth
Persian Club Persian students and allies supporting the Iranian people's struggle for human rights, freedom, and democracy through protest and community education. Ms. Lawrence
Physics Club To help spread fun opportunities for learning about physics Mr. Van
Ping Pong Club Play ping pong Ms. Schol
Poly Ambassadors To visit middle schools on the west side of our community and help with high school readiness, the application process, and what poly has to offer Ms. Beebe
Poly Backgammon Club The Poly Backgammon Club aims to connect the game of Backgammon with communities in and outside of Poly as well as find a place where lovers of the game can communicate on strategy and technique. Ms. Schol
Poly Book Club To make friends who share the same interest and learn about new books Mr. Cooperider
Poly Cereal Club The Poly Cereal Club aims to connect poly students with the joy of community and good food (AKA cereal). Mr. Rita
Poly Chess Club To foster the growth of the chess community and provide a fun space for people to hang out and play! Ms. Adams
Poly film club To discuss what we love about films while also broadaning our appreciation for them. Mr. Tandoc
Poly French Club To expand knowledge on French culture and French language Ms. Elgorriaga
Poly Global Fund Provide funds for issues in the community and world. Ms. Schol
Poly Green Schools Campaign To aid in the district wide transition onto renewable energy. Mr. Gillogly
Poly Green Team To improve poly's environmental concerns Ms. Wasinger
Poly GSA To provide a community for queer people and their allidd Mrs. Sawyer
Poly Philosophy Club We invite professors of philosophy to come speak and discuss with us. Johnson
Poly Rabbotics Robotics Ms. Lawrence
Poly Starstruck Better the lives of people through dance/ music. Entertain others by performances. Entertain club members by creating activities. Provide an opportunity for members to perform and learn dances of several genres. Mrs. Larsen
Poly Surf Club To teach people how to surf Mr. Dodge
Poly UNICEF To bring awareness to international issues that affect children and women in developing countries through service projects Mr. Zhu
Project Patient Pals Create monthly activity kits for kids at miller’s children’s hospital Mr. Monocure
Rabbit Hole Club To give the community basic necessities and keep the Rabbit Hole stocked and Organized Watson Sensei
Red Cross Club We engage in service, community, and volunteer projects, as well as help educate our larger community in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from disasters. Ms. Tram
Roller Club To educate and promote importance of physical exercise through the act of roller skating Dr. Boyd
Senior Senate fundraise and promote senior events Ms. Baca
Senior Senate Fundraise and promote senior events Ms. Baca
Seoul of K-Pop To serve as a gathering for people who enjoy the culture of K-Pop. At SKP, club members will be able to converse, celebrate, and participate in activities that revolve around the K-Pop industry. Ms. Bun
Sophomore Senate To raise money for graduating class and show school spirit Mr. Cooperider
Speech and Debate To improve speaker confidence Mr. Alexander
Stage Crew To technically support any production at Poly, mostly in the auditorium. Ms. Gathe
stem forward To introduce kids to the world of STEM through projects and interactive activities Mr. Nguyen
Student Athlete Association To help make youth sports more equitable Ms. Baca
Swim Club To fundraise for and connect people on Poly's swim team Coach Caldwell
Team Stronger 2gether The purpose of this Club is to unite our community through building the skills of Mental Wellness, Emotional Intelligence, Physical Wellness, and Spirituality/Source of Strength Wellness. Mr. Gray
Tennis Club To create a welcoming environment for tennis players, and gain funding for materials. Mr. Montecinos
Voguish To gather students that are interested in fashion and modeling, and to expand their interest on specific topics. We'd also be collaborative and open to any opinions and suggestions towards the club. Ms. Zobel
WMN Club Learn about how to take care of your body as a women. Mrs. Jimenez
Yarn Club To donate yarn products to charities and those in need. Sarah Schol
Yearbook Fundraise for the poly yearbook in order to cover cost Mr. Alexander