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MEDS Leadership

Lead Teacher
Mr. Gray
Ms. Salazar
9th Grade Counselor
Ms. Zapanta
10th -12th Grade Counselor
Mr. Khim

MEDS Student Video

Poly’s Medical Academy (MEDS) is a three-part pathway who's vision, along with Long Beach Unified School District and Long Beach Polytechnic High School as a site, is to prepare students for professional cutting-edge careers in physical and mental/emotional patient care and technological and administrative fields connected to the medical industry.

The MEDS mission is for students to have access to the knowledge and skills necessary to participate in the medical fields today. They will develop an understanding of what it means to become an advocate for health and healthy living through rigorous academic and career ready instruction. In order to achieve this goal, the MEDS Academy will work collaboratively to encourage and create opportunities for students, both individually and as a team, to become effective communicators, collaborators and problem solvers. Most importantly, Poly MEDS students will demonstrate competency in the practical, social and ethical practices needed to participate in these competitive fields through their positive lifestyle choices that promote their own healthy family, neighborhood and community at large as well as a valuable and productive citizen of society.

MEDS Sample Schedule Grades 9 - 12 (English)
MEDS Sample Schedule Grades 9 - 12 (Spanish)